DCC Code of Conduct

A Guide to our operations and Code of Conduct

The Docklands Chamber of Commerce is an incorporated not for profit organisation primarily funded by the City of Melbourne?s precincts program. It is governed by an executive committee and operates in accordance with incorporation law.
The Docklands Chamber of Commerce was registered in 2004 (Registration No. A0046037U). As an incorporated association the Chamber is governed by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (and its associated Regulations), which replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 on 26 November 2012.
All members of the Association, its employees and contractors are governed by the Rules of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce. Submitting a membership application form and paying membership fees will constitute acceptance of the Rules by the applicant and their business.
The DCC is a not for profit entity. Our funding is primarily through the City of Melbourne?s precincts program ? funding 9 similar operations. We receive approximately 75% of our annual income through this funding and the remaining 25% through our membership fees.
For the financial year 2015/16 DCC expenditure was directed as follows:

25% Member events
25% Administration and contractor payments
15% Advertising on behalf of members, social media, newsletters
15% Sponsorship of Docklands events
15% IT costs ? website, hardware, phones
5% Subscriptions

Our four key activites are:
Advocating on behalf of member businesses and Docklands in general
Promoting Docklands as a destination of choice
Promoting our member businesses through this website and our social media ? Facebook and Instagram
Organising member network events, forums of interest and training seminars which are generally free for our members to attend

We do so transparently with ethics as our core virtue.

Our membership structure is:

Micro business Member $100 Employing less than 5 staff
Small business Member $150 Employing 6 ? 20 staff
Medium business Member $250 Employing 21 ? 100 staff
Large business Member $350 Employing more than 100 staff
Associate business Member $50 Limited benefit offered
Multi-membership $50 x no. of businesses negotiated by agreement

How can someone join?

The easiest and simplest way is to fill in the form on the homepage and complete the subscription via Paypal. An invoice can be prepared if desired.

What does membership entitle a business?

Members are also entitled to a full business listing on our website.

In addition, the business directory is linked to our social media ? Facebook ? Visit Docklands Melbourne (in excess of 50000 followers and a weekly reach > 100 000) and Instagram ? DocklandsMelb with greater than 5400 followers. Our members are able to send through posting and materials to be promoted on those platforms at the discretion of the Executive Officer regarding quality and purpose of content. As a general rule members can send through posts fortnightly if images are in line with our ?feel?, greater than 1Mb in size and able to organically reach in excess of 2000 people
Every member of the DCC is guaranteed to have at least the total of their subscription allocated towards their social media advertising on our Facebook page
Members are entitled to attend most of our events, training and networking nights for free with a guest. For VIP events members are entitled to a discount rate for themselves and their guests.

Where can they find information?
The homepage of www.docklandscc.com.au has both an ?About the DCC? and ?FAQ? section.

How can a member post to social media?

We are always searching for new material to post that is in the best interests of Docklands and our member businesses. As a general rule a member business could send material to the executive officer every fortnight for posting to either Facebook or Instagram. Images should be in jpeg format, greater than 1Mb in size and able to generate organic interest. This would be sent to the executive officer. Publication is not guaranteed and the information will generally be edited to fit in with our styling and audience.

Key relationships

Our key relationship is with the City of Melbourne through their precincts program.
Chez Asch is our primary contact with Michael Anderson regularly joining communications. As a general rule only the Exec officer, President or VP should contact these officials and all should be CC?d.
All other contacts with the City of Melbourne should be through the Exec officer, president or VP with all three CC?d.
We regularly contact CoM councillors. This is done only through the President with CC to Exec officer.

The Chamber is governed by the incorporations act. In simple terms this means that the committee is elected at an Annual General meeting and that executive positions are elected from that committee. In lieu of a nominated public officer the President assumes this role.
The Executive committee is responsible for full, transparent and ethical acquittal of annual public funds in April of each year. Currently the Chamber has three signatories to the spending of funds being the President, Treasurer and Exec officer. Two signatories need to approve each and every transaction.

Day to day activities are managed by the Executive officer, approximately a 0.2 to 0.3 FTE role. All major decisions must be voted on at an executive meeting with appropirate quorum.

The Exec officer needs to be aware of all communications for chamber business. The President has open access to this email account and can answer from it if necessary.
We do not share contact details without prior approval from the member unless the request is from the City of Melbourne.
We do not ever share our distribution list with any entity other than the City of Melbourne for acquittal purposes..
Meetings and distribution lists outside of the executive committee are by Blind CC.
Under no circumstances is any committee member to utilise these lists for their own business purposes. Our newsletter and social media is the vehicle for communication with our members other than emails from the Exec officer, President or VP. The contacts of executives are not to be used for promotional purposes including adding to distribution lists.
The President is our public voice.

As a general rule the DCC will organise 8 member functions annually. On these occasions the Exec officer is responsible for the logistics of the event. Committee members are representing the chamber and their own business ? as they are all members.
For external events invitations are shared to the executive. If the event is chamber related then the committee member is representing the chamber and not their business.

Strategic Goals
In 5 years time the Docklands Chamber of Commerce seeks to: ? Be financially independent and capable of operating as a corporate body without external funding employing a full time executive officer ? Have a membership base of over 50% of Docklands businesses (currently at 800 ? projected to be 1600 in 2021) ? Be the largest social media site for Melbourne tourism ? Have a permanent office ? Have promoted Docklands as a destination and business hub of choice

To accomplish these goals the Chamber sees the following as key indicators for this coming year

Year 1: ? Increase membership base to 200+ ? Reach 100 000 followers on Facebook and 10000 on Instagram ? Begin an organic stream of income reaching $5000 in addition to membership fees and CoM support