Mission and Rules


The Docklands Chamber of Commerce fosters a positive, united business environment that allows businesses within the Docklands Precinct to look towards a progressive and dynamic future. It is proactive in encouraging the sustainable economic growth of existing and new businesses. The Chamber accurately and authoritatively represents the views and concerns of its members, building a positive business environment while enhancing the community’s quality of life.


The Docklands Chamber of Commerce advances business in the Docklands Precinct through leadership, advocacy, coordination and promotion of Docklands business interests.
The Chamber is a well-known and respected advocate for the business community. It provides effective leadership to enhance the vitality, liveability and sustainable economic growth of the Docklands community.


The Docklands Chamber of Commerce:

  • Values its members and is responsive to their needs;
  • Acts as an advocate for the Docklands Precinct on issues affecting members and their businesses;
  • Puts the priorities of Docklands Precinct businesses first;
  • Affiliates with complementary organisations with similar networking aspirations for the benefit of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce and its members;
  • Identifies and improves lobbying networks and opportunities and positive outcomes;
  • Remains apolitical in its representation of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce and its members at all times;
  • Conducts affairs in a manner that support and enhance the Chamber’s credibility;
  • Conducts dealings with members, clients, affiliated organisations and governments, across all levels, with the highest level of integrity;
  • Is innovative, proactive and professional;
  • Focuses energies and resources on planned issues and programs; and
  • Recognises the value and contribution of its members, volunteers, sponsors and employees.

The Chamber meets monthly and would love to welcome you along.
For further information about Docklands Chamber meetings, please contact the Chamber.

The DCC operates under Vic Incorporated Law (2012) and in addition has it’s own Code of Conduct


YOUR Chamber is an incorporated association and was registered in 2004 (Registration No.?A0046037U). As an incorporated association the Chamber is governed by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (and its associated Regulations), which replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 on 26 November 2012.  All incorporated associations are required to be governed by Rules of Association and the new legislation brought in some changes.  In keeping with this, the newly amended Rules of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce  was approved at the 2013 AGM and subsequently approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Associations.  Our new Rules came in to effect as of 21 January 2014.

All members of the Association, its employees and contractors are governed by the Rules of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce. Submitting a membership application form and paying membership fees will constitute acceptance of the Rules by the applicant and their business.