Docklands Firelight Festival?

30th June ? 2nd July

Fri: 5pm ? 9pm
Sat: 5pm ? 9pm
Sun: 5pm ? 9pm

A festival of creativity, fire and food. Firelight takes the traditions of a winter solstice harvest and combines this with a modern celebration of arts, music, food, fire and fun. Attendees can expect roving performers from fire breathers and dancers, drummers, and musicians. At the culmination of each night, a large sculpture will be set on fire with a fireworks display as the backdrop.

Lantern Procession

Each night led by roving performers and musicians, participants will carry lanterns and lead attendees to the waterfront to view the burn of the nightly sculpture. The procession and nightly ?burn? will be accompanied by music.


Three sculptures have been created by Melbourne based artist Christian Patton, each night one of the three sculptures, Man, Sun or Bird, will be placed on a barge in Victoria Harbour and be the centre piece to the nightly ?burn?.


Chaos Magnet

The all-female troupe will blast you into another galaxy, with their flashy jazz, music from their home planet, and other-worldly takes on tunes from planet Earth. These space warriors play sax, trumpet and drums, and their state of the art sparkly space suits will light up the night, getting you earthlings dancing and zapping up the vibes for a huge night at the festival?

Christophe & Phillipe

This French saxophone and accordion duo have been playing French music to audiences both in Australia and overseas.

Uptown Brown

Uptown Brown is the patented ?Goodtimes Gyratorscope?, a musical machine which permits an athletic fellow to play multiple instruments at once.

Ame Roma

Ame Roma use violin, piano and accordion to play lively and well-known gypsy, jazz, romantic and European music?

Lilly & King

Lily and King are a quirky, musical junkyard from Melbourne. Their aim is to use all their limbs for making music at the one time.

Lily and King create rousingly catchy music that sits somewhere between a captivating 40’s nightclub routine and the raw, rambunctious spirit of New Orleans street buskers. Dixieland punk, sailor songs, weird carnie show tunes and the odd bit of curious pop, their music is joyful, beautiful and a bit dirty and wicked too.


Led by extrovert Alana on violin, chased by Sofia on accordion and Kirri on double bass, VARDOS bring you the latest Balkan hits, legends, village wedding tunes and burning laments.


Alwan middle-eastern ensemble plays sublime Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, Sephardic, and original music with beautiful vocals, haunting oriental instruments, and fiery drum solo’s.

D2 Drumline

D? are Australia’s most experienced and captivating American-style percussion ensemble. Audiences will be enthralled with high energy grooves, astounding visuals and stick tricks, and toe tapping beats


innovative fire artistry and spectacular productions in?Fire Circus and Fire Dance. FireWorks Dance Company is a unique blend of cultural dance, modern circus, sensual fire artistry, theatrical fireworks, and uplifting music from around the world. This fiery mix combines to produce the most exciting and dynamic shows available today