The Docklands Chamber of Commerce(DCC) have been working for the past 2 years on a Vision for the permanent Activation of Victoria Harbour Docklands.  This initiative was originally an item that was on the agenda for the Docklands Community Forum of which the DCC was a founding member.  The new primary School in Docklands was another initiative, this has now been delivered.  The DCC have continued to work to deliver the 2nd initiative that could transform Docklands into the Jewel in the Crown for the City of Melbourne and more broadly the State of Victoria.

In 2019 the DCC called for EOI’s for the provision of a Business Case to assess the viability and benefits of a permanent activation that would deliver an ongoing benefit to the Docklands precinct.  The benefit needed to be sustainable, environmentally effective and would draw visitors on a regular basis to Docklands.  The ongoing negative appeal for Fireworks off the water was also a contributor to this request.  Fireworks do draw the crowds, however these are not sustainable and have now been removed from the Waterways in Docklands.  This left a gap in the overall spectacular waterways activation that we can envisage in Docklands.

With the closure of Central Pier and the reduction of 1-1.5million visitors to Docklands it is now more important than ever for a permanent activation to be created that would provide a positive to all in Docklands. The cancellation of the Fireworks for the Australia Day Celebrations saw a vastly reduced number of attendees based on previous years for the evening celebrations.  The Department of Premier and Cabinet had delivered a great event plan with improved entertainment and the fireworks were to be the finale at 9.00pm. With no fireworks very few families attended and overall feedback has been poor – another missed opportunity to showcase our wonderful precinct.  Also another hit financially to our Business community.

Together with our associates/members and the creators of our business case we believe we can achieve and deliver a proposal that will provide a potential revenue return to Docklands, The  City of Melbourne and State of Victoria  in excess $300million per annum.  A Creative that will become a signature piece in the State of Victoria – in line with world class activations – Burj Khalifa – Dubai, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the Symphony of Lights in Hong Long. 

Our vision is to deliver an installation using a combination of laser, lighting, water screens, fountains, digital and audio technologies to produce a creative that will deliver artistic displays around Victoria Harbour – 360degree views – displaying artistic content relevant to the precinct, showcasing our Cultural heritage, local artists and support national events.  Artistic content would be activated daily – free to the public and in the evening light would also enhance the displays of our water features.  Laser shows would also add to the beauty and pageantry of the precinct on special occasions – timing yet to be determined.  

The expectation that we would have a vibrant and alive waterfront precinct and deliver benefits to our local business community and improve the overall ambiance of Docklands. 

The DCC will be hosting 2 Residents and Community stakeholder engagement sessions where we will be seeking our residents to “buy into the project”and provide feedback on any concerns and benefits they can see this activation creating.  Studies have shown that both our business owners/operators and our residents will gain a significant financial benefit.  We want our community to be involved and we want to keep our community informed.  Items that will obviously be of concerns are environmental impacts, noise, public facilities and lighting into apartments – these are all items that we have taken into our considerations and plans.  The community need to be aware and have an opportunity to see how this magnificent creative will work.

Stakeholder sessions are scheduled for

February 19th 7.30am – 10am and February 20 5.30pm – 8pm at the Community Hub – behind the Library at the Dock.

Local Docklanders can register for one of the forums at Eventbrite via Docklands Community Stakeholder Sessions