This has been a difficult week for not only Docklands, but, arguably, all of Australia. Now that everyone’s getting used to self-isolation and erasing old habits like shaking hands or hugging friends, the question comes: what now?

In Docklands, many of our beloved restaurants and cafes have closed entirely, while a select few have remained open for takeaway, including Kinfolk Café, Billy Barista, and Neo Lemonade. If you can, try and eat local to support your local businesses!

Apart from takeaway, a few of our members have been adjusting their services to further assist the community in the current climate. For example, Saluministi Alimentari Docklands has been busy providing pantry staples that may not be available at the supermarket, including eggs, fruit and veg, designer pasta, and a fridge stocked with plenty of cured meat. On the other side of the water, Capri Café is also offering essentials like milk, sanitiser, and toilet paper at straight retail pricing, if you don’t want to brave the supermarket.

Additionally, the Woolies at The District Docklands has begun to recover after the supermarket stampedes of the past few weeks. Products are no longer disappearing from shelves faster than you can buy them, and customers are using their shopping baskets to hold produce instead of mistaking them for weapons.

Because of this quarantine, many of our other businesses have had to find different ways to maintain themselves. As a result, Magnet Galleries are hosting their current exhibition online, Lucas Real Estate have started livestreaming their inspections, and Urban Alley are selling their fresh beer online.

It’s incredible to see how Docklands has adapted to the changing circumstances, and it’s been lovely to see people outside and enjoying the recent sunshine (facemasks and all), distanced appropriately.

Remember that now is a time to be kind, and keep in mind that we’re all facing this virus together. If you’re angry about something, write it on a piece of paper and throw it away. Contact the representative of your electorate. Meditate. Be aware of how your actions affect other people. And, most importantly — stay safe, and self-isolate!

Markella Votzourakis