Elevation Women’s Health was created by Emma, a qualified Occupational Therapist, upon having the realisation that many women are needlessly struggling through both pregnancy and life post-birth due to lack of accurate information and understanding on how birth impacts the body.

Using skills based in Occupational Therapy and Psychology, Emma encourages a holistic approach to address the mental and physical aspects of the lives of her patients, and helps to develop goal-based strategies and tailored-solutions for different individuals and lifestyles.

However, these strategies are not unique to mothers. Emma is passionate about helping all women through different changes in their lives, including health rehabilitation, health in the workplace, and general lifestyle health. She especially enjoys assisting patients who struggle with sleeping, or those with chronic pain, and, being a Docklands-based mother herself, loves helping Docklands parents adjust to apartment living.

Emma’s proactive approach to women’s health is a game-changer in the industry, and she is eager to help as many people as possible achieve long-term health and well-being, both physically and psychologically. For more information, click here — you won’t regret booking an appointment.