The Docklands Chamber of Commerce is seeking to engage a professional and/or firm to construct a comprehensive business case regarding the use of lights, lasers, fountains and flames for activation of Victoria Harbour. This business case shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Overview of Unique opportunity presented to Docklands
  • Community and stakeholder feedback regarding the need for activation of Victoria Harbour
  • Previous successes and failures
  • Similar short and long-term activations and the successes thereof in other cities e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Phuket
  • Summary of existing events/timetables for the harbour including key stakeholder activations
  • Identify gaps and further opportunities
  • Economic impact of a permanent installation versus temporary activation
  • Projected Costs – based on Mock ups of installation/feature
  • Visitor outcomes – through current activations (e.g. Firelight and Australia Day), through to projected numbers
  • Assessment of how to develop a cost benefit proposition – Budget ranges and event sizes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Health and safety analysis
  • Letters if Support
  • Brand improvement for Docklands as a result of this activation
  • Pathway forward to delivery and implementation

Business case to be prepared for presentation to State Government, City of Melbourne and Private Enterprise organisations.

Full documentation can be found here