Halloween is coming up and as a replacement for trick or treating, our favourite chocolatier Kep Whitley has prepared a special Halloween chocolate pack with theme-appropriate creepy designs! My personal favourites are the eyeballs.

It was incredible to turn on the news the other night only to find the guys from Saluministi on screen! We’re so proud of the Saluministi team, and so happy to see them being exposed to a new audience! We can’t wait to keep supporting them in future. I’ll personally be supporting them by purchasing about fifty of their new focaccias, which, if you haven’t seen, look mouth-wateringly good. If you’d like, offer them a quick congrats while you’re buying your morning coffee!

Docklands Health are stocking a large range of essential oils that may just be key to achieving proper relaxation. If you’re unsure which oils to get, book an appointment for an aromatherapy massage with Claire and ask for some advice! She’ll get you sorted with anything you need for premium self-care. Additionally, The Wellness Nest are now stocking crystal face-rollers in rose quartz and amethyst. Let me tell you, these are absolutely key to ensuring you’re glowing when you start your day. Puffiness and pillow-creases? Gone. Just stick your face-roller in the fridge overnight, and get rolling in the morning.

Finally, Miei Fiori at Collins Square are now offering fruit and veggie boxes and pantry essentials along with their usual flower arrangements! If you don’t have time to go to the market every week, start up a subscription with Miei Fiori and take food-shopping off your list of worries.

In social news, this week we shared posts from The Espressionist, Souvenirs Direct, and Capri Café! We especially loved this shot of @euphoric.destn enjoying their time at ArtVo. Don’t forget to tag @docklandsmelb and use the hashtags #docklandsmelb and #docklandsiloveyou in any posts you’d like shared!