Urban Alley Brewery is no ordinary spot—it’s a brewing marvel right in Docklands!

With the ability to churn out a whopping one million litres of beer annually right from their Docklands location, Urban Alley Brewery is not just your ordinary micro-brewery and pub. It’s a beacon of sustainability in the brewing industry. Their beer repertoire is as diverse as it gets, boasting their signature Urban Ale, along with lager, dark ale and a tantalising American pale ale.
Quality and sustainability are not mere buzzwords here – they are the pillars that uphold every single production process at Urban Alley. The brewery’s unique eco-friendly model has been shaped by its fruitful collaborations with other businesses in Victoria.
But wait, there’s more! The Urban Alley brew-pub isn’t just a production site – it’s a bustling hub open all seven days of the week. And with only glass separating the 25 hectolitre brewhouse from the pub, you can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t find fresher beers anywhere else!