The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce was held on Tuesday the 13th of November.

2018 Financials are available here. DCC 2018 AGM Financials

Current Financial year DCC 2018 AGM Financials – current year

The Minutes of the Meeting are available here. DCC 2018 AGM Meeting Minutes 

The President’s Report is available here DCC Presidents Report November 2018


It was noted that the current executive committee vacated their positions.


In the course of 2018, three executive committee members noted they would not be returning – Paul Keisler, Glenn Donnelly and Marlene Ebejer.

All others indicated their intention to return


Johanna Maxwell – Docklands Chauffeurs

Glenda Archibald – Archibald builders

Kerry York – NRY Plumbing

Melissa Forester – Bendigo Bank

Mo Hamdouna – Moworks

Daniel Hibberd – Quest Docklands

Justin Jones – Accor

Lisa Oatham – The District Docklands


Two further nominations were received:


Cameron Baker – Sebel Docklands

Nicole Hill – Melbourne Star


No further nominations were proposed from the floor.


All in favour of the 10 appointed executive committee members.


** Note


At a subsequent special general meeting, the following positions were elected unanimously and unopposed:


President: Johanna Maxwell

Vice-President: Daniel Hibberd

Treasurer: Glenda Archibald

Secretary: Melissa Forester