Joining the Docklands Chamber of Commerce just became a whole lot better. All new and existing members will have a minimum of 4 sponsored social media posts annually equal to or above the value of their membership subscription.

For example, if you join or are already a micro business member, then the DCC will post a minimum of 4 sponsored posts on our?Facebook page?( in excess of 120000 followers) equal to or greater than your $100 membership investment.

What do you have to do to take advantage of this offer? If you aren?t a member then take a look at our?FAQ?or go straight to the?application.

Once you become a member simply send your wording, links and preferred image (greater than 1Mb) to the media officer ? – or send raw material and we will create a landing page and campaign to suit your needs – all covered by your membership!!

The DCC reserve the right to preserve the quality of the Facebook page by editing the posts in line with the current styling.