The winners to attend the Kep Whitley Christmas Chocolate Workshops are below. No other registrations may attend. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the workshop at 851 Bourke St Docklands.


Replacements are being sourced today for those that have either advised they could not attend or did not RSVP prior to Midday, Wednesday the 9th of December.


Kids Monday 10 – 12 Kids Monday 2 – 4
Replacement Replacement
Replacement Elaine Dunstone
Yvonne Chia Sue Davies
Hsin wei Wang Replacement
Ashwini Enigo Nina Webster
Assel Snazell Replacement
Adults Tuesday 10 – 12 Adults Tuesday 2 – 4
Krisha Changrani Lauren Hill
Justine Kajtar Holly Kong
Carla Masalan Replacement
Andrea Medwin Janis Chua
Coreena Duncan Julie Tran
Heather McFarlane Replacement
Adults Wednesday 10 – 12 Adults Wednesday 2 – 4
Replacement Laura Chinchay
Lee Hodge Replacment
Tanya Piamonte Katherine Withoos
Heidi Lau Emma Witte
Hayley Ross Michael Allen
Gabriela Segal Replacement